Desert Rose

by Lila Moore

The Judea desert has inspired mystical contemplation since ancient times. The bizarre earth formations and the colourful sand create a landscape that stirs the human imagination. The desert is so beautiful and strangely alien that it takes the mind away from ordinary thoughts and tangible reality.

For thousands of years the surreal looking terrain has attracted mystics and seekers as a perfect site for inner reflection, meditation, prayer, ritual and spiritual work.

The conjunction of the Dead Sea and the desert creates a wondrous impression. Like the desert, the sea is almost motionless with slow moving waves by the shore. The sound of the slowly moving waves is like a delicate slow motion hiss with a soothing effect on the senses and the mind.

The sea is like a colourful reflective surface, silver at dawn, gold at sunrise, sky blue in the morning, turquoise at noon, and lilac at sunset. The colourful sand glows in the sunlight, and the gold painted mountains of Moab at sunrise are contrasted by the deep red hues of the mountains of Edom at sunset.

During the full moon the desert is lit with a magical translucent aura. At night the stars pierce the dark body of the sky like huge diamonds emanating the light of distant worlds. The Milky Way engulfs the earth like a dazzling necklace.

The mysterious beauty invokes a sense of awe and adoration. Mystics draw inspiration from this well of wonders making the place a ladder with which to climb toward higher realms and sublime states of consciousness.

The Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in jars in the caves of Qumran ignited the imagination of scholars and mystics. The Essenes, a monastic community, authored the scrolls in their reclusive settlement by the Dead Sea about two thousand years ago.

The Essenes practised a strict spiritual discipline purifying themselves in the Dead Sea twice a day. Amongst the manuscripts was found an apocalyptic text known as the War Scroll on the battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.

Even today, special spiritual journeys following the footsteps of the Essenes are taking place. Local nature mystics regard Qumran as a sacred place. The caves they say contain the essence of love. Qumran is the physical manifestation of the Spiritual Heart or the Heart Chakra, a place of infinite love and compassion.

‘My beloved is unto me as a cluster of henna in the vineyards of En-Gedi,’ Song of Songs.

Oasis of Love
En-Gedi, meaning the spring of the goat, is the name of a lavishing oasis by the Dead Sea. The place has inspired poets, artists, seekers of truth, and philosophers since ancient times and its love inspiring natural essence is featured in Song of Songs. The oasis is a place of healing, peace, joy and ecstasy.

Song of Songs
‘Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for thy love is better than vine.’ Song of Songs

The Oasis Experience series contains meditation films that feature the beauty and magic of the desert and the oases which the mountains embrace. The locations of the love-inspired films and meditations are the same sites that inspired Song of Songs, one of the most potent mystical hymns on love. Fragments of the song were found in Qumran’s caves amongst the scrolls of the Essenes. Margaret Starbird whose Great Work inspired and informed the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown traces the origin of Song and Songs to the litany that accompanied the rites of the hieros gamos, the Sacred Marriage in ancient Sumer, Egypt and Canaan.

The oasis of Ein-Gedi is a key image in the Oasis Experience: Love programme. It is portrayed as a symbol of physical and spiritual satisfaction and abundance. Other images and meditations reflect the healing alchemy that love brings in a form of a harmonious marriage. Love in its harmonious form is the birthright of each soul. Love’s wisdom is as illuminating as the brightest star and as old as the first spark of light.

‘No longer will you be called ‘forsaken’
and your lands ‘desolate’
but you shall be called ‘beloved’
and your lands ‘espoused’ (isa, 62:4)